Juicers versus Blenders

Why Blenders can't do what Juicers can

A blender cannot do what a juicer can.  Juice instantly releases nourishment into the bloodstream, giving the body a shot of nourishing vitamins and minerals.  For this reason, juice is superior to the whole fruit or vegetable.  When you consume the whole fruit or vegetable, the digestive system must do its work before the nourishment from the juice enters the bloodstream.  In the process, vitamins and minerals are lost, and their efficacy is delayed.

Herein is the difference between fruit or vegetables in a blender, and fruit or vegetables in a juicer: A juicer gives you an instant glass of juice, separating the life-giving juice from the fiber and allowing you to instantly absorb the nourishment.  A blender, by contrast, gives you a puree – a liquefied version of the whole fruit or vegetable that requires digestive manipulation before entering the blood stream. 

Man cannot survive on juice alone because fiber is important, but a perfect diet includes fiber from eating foods, whether blended or whole, and instant vitamin and mineral nourishment from juicing.  A perfect kitchen contains a blender and a juicer, but if you have to pick one, pick the juicer.


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