Juicing for Life

Juicing: A Commitment to Embrace

When my mom came to visit and told my husband and me about her juicing habit, I thought she was crazy.  It sounded like she was constantly in the kitchen, cutting fruits and veggies, and cleaning the juicer.  I thought it could not be worth all the time spent.  Boy, was I surprised!  The best thing is a fresh glass of juice.

One of my favorite combos is orange, pineapple, and strawberry.  Delicious!  While juicing is definitely a time commitment, it is so worth it.  The juice is better than anything you could buy in the store, and is 1,000 times better for you.  And, once you get into juicing, the preparation and cleaning is simple.

I highly recommend beginning a juice program.  Juicing just makes you feel better, and I can already tell it is having a profound effect on my health.  I sleep better, and I eat less.  So, if you have been thinking about buying a juicer but you are afraid of the commitment, I am here to tell you juicing rules.  Go for it!  Committing to your health is a lifelong commitment you should embrace.

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