Juicing Vegetables

Why Vegetable Juicing Beats Fruit Juicing

Since purchasing my juicer, I have been mostly a fruit juicer.  Apples, pineapples, oranges, grapes, and tangerines have been my staples, with the occasional mix-in of carrots or celery.  Fruit juice is tasty, and when I have a drink like pineapples and celery, I feel like I am enjoying a beverage at the Ritz Carlton in Hawaii.

I found it interesting, however, that when I read the Juiceman’s Power of Juicing, he describes himself as a fruit eater and vegetable drinker.  Juiceman notes that vegetables are difficult to digest and therefore slow to get the nutrients into the bloodstream.  Therefore, he believes vegetables are best suited to juicing.  Fruit, by contrast, is relatively easy to digest, you need a certain amount of fiber each day, and you get great fiber intake while you consume fruit.  As Juiceman points out, he has no trouble eating a couple of apples a day to get his fiber diet, but he could not imagine chomping a dozen carrots or two stalks of broccoli a day for that purpose.

So drink your vegetable juice!  I plan to start in earnest this weekend.  There are some very tasty vegetable juice recipes, particular if you cut the bitterness of vegetables with a lemon, lime or apple, as Dr. Oz does in his famous green drink.

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