When you begin to juice, you will hear the name the “Juiceman” repeatedly and wonder who is the Juiceman?  He is not a character from Seinfeld.  He is Jay Kordich, a juicing proponent for 60 years.  Kordich was eating healthy when eating healthy was not understood or commonly practiced.  He was drinking carrot-apple juice when the rest of the country was eating TV dinners washed down by Coca-Cola.

Kordich was born in 1923, and became a football star at USC before contracting bladder cancer.  He sought treatment from Dr. Max Gerson, who prescribed an all-juice diet to flush the toxins out of Kordich’s bladder.  Kordich overcame cancer and became a juicing fanatic.

After beating cancer, Kordich began selling juicers out of the back of his truck, traveling cross country in his effort.  He was poor – few persons then were buying juicers!  But Kordich was nonetheless steadfast in his advocacy.

A television appearance elevated Kordich to fame and financial success, and he became known through his infomercials as The Juiceman.  Kordich’s first book was The Juiceman’s Power of Juicing, which reached the #1 spot on the New York Times Best Seller List.  I highly recommend The Power of Juicing for a lively read.  Kordich’s second book is entitled Live Foods Live Bodies. 

Kordich is 86-years-old, alive and healthy.

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