Juicing Carrots

by Tom Owen


Carrot juice is the foundation of juicing.  We all know consuming carrots is associated with improved vision.  Carrots do more, however.

  • Our bodies convert the beta-carotene in carrot juice into vitamin A.
  • Fresh carrot juice is stocked with antioxidants that improve heart health and attack cancer cells. 
  • A high intake of carrots lowers the risk of developing some forms of cancer. 
  • Your hair, skin and nails will also show an almost immediate benefit from juicing carrots.
  • Some people report aches and pains lessen or go away.
  • Carrot juice improves liver functioning and the digestive tract.
  • Carrot juice is rich in infection fighting substances, and is packed with minerals like calcium and potassium.  It is difficult for the human body to absorb high levels of calcium from sources such as dairy, but the calcium in fresh carrot juice is easy for the body to absorb. 
  • Iron, phosphorous, and sulphur are part of carrot juice.
  • Carrot juice is great for a weight-loss diet because carrots are low in calories and sugars.

Drink up!

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